Contents cleaning and storage

We handle your most delicate possessions with the highest care and expertise to restore and protect them until you’re ready to return them to your home or office.

Contents cleaning and storage, handled with care.American Cleaning & Restoration South will clean, deodorize, pack and store those prized possessions with the experience and skill that is essential when dealing with everything from high end furnishings to priceless heirlooms. It’s bad enough that you suffered a loss due to fire, flood, mold or some other crisis; you shouldn’t have to worry that your personal items will suffer additional loss.

Need to store your furnishings and personal items during construction, remodeling, while the hardwood floors are refinished or when you’re moving? American Cleaning & Restoration South specializes in medium- to high-value homes and furnishings. Your personal possessions are safe and secure until the work is done or you’re ready to move them back in.

We provide on-site and off-site cleaning for your possessions, as well as your home or office, following a flood, fire, mold or post-construction. When we clean and store your possessions, you’ll receive an itemized inventory that includes a description, quantity and condition of each item. That itemized report will also include the room where each item came from.

American Cleaning & Restoration South contents cleaning and storage services include:
  • Cleaning of furnishings and other personal items
  • Upholstery cleaning – removal of construction dust, water and smoke
  • Deodorizing furniture and possessions
  • Inventory of furnishings and possessions
  • Pack back and Pack out of furniture and possessions
  • Storage of furnishings and possessions
  • On-site and Off-site cleaning
contents storage

American Cleaning & Restoration South – the fine art and photography triage doctors.

Art cleaning and restorationWhen art and photographs are damaged in a flood, fire or from mold, it’s a loss that strikes at the heart. At American Cleaning & Restoration South, we know how priceless these possessions are. Our photography and fine art triage service recognizes the importance connected with these types of losses. When you come to us for help, we move into action with the experience and expertise to bring those photographs and fine art back to life. American Cleaning & Restoration South’s fine art and photography triage services include freeze drying artwork and photographs while we work to protect the images.

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