Mold remediation

Certified Mold Remediation Specialists

At American Cleaning & Restoration South, we have Certified Mold Remediation Specialists, who are members of the International Air Quality Association, ready to respond to your home’s mold-related issue. This means that we know mold – how it grows, how to stop it and how to clean mold up.

Mold is a living organism that requires moisture to flourish. If water, or moisture isn’t cleaned up promptly, such as after a flood, mold is very likely to grow. Steam and humidity can also promote the growth of mold. Effective mold remediation starts with determining what has led to the growth of mold. It is then essential to resolve the issue that allowed the mold to develop in the first place.

When called in to address mold in a home, office, school or any other building, American Cleaning & Restoration South starts by establishing the protocol for mold remediation and prevention. The requirements of that protocol depend on the severity of the mold in that particular instance.

Additional steps include:

  • Cleaning and remediation of areas containing mold, including furnishings and personal property
  • Demolition, as required, for areas affected by mold
  • Application of anti-bacterial, fungicide, moldicide, and mildewcide sprays where mold is present

Before and After Samples of Our Work

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Using the proper equipment is also essential to the safe and complete cleaning of areas where mold has developed. American Cleaning & Restoration South erects proper containment to ensure that mold spores are not spread through the air. Within the containment area, while our mold remediation technicians wear proper uniforms and air masks, air scrubbers remove airborne mold spores while safe and effective chemicals and thermal fogging to clean the mold from objects and surfaces.

While you can expect mold as a condition in your home, office, school or other structure, it’s also common where water was used to put out a fire. Poorly ventilated basements, bathrooms and attics are also areas that have a high frequency of mold contamination. This explains why realtors and home inspectors frequently call American Cleaning & Restoration South where mold is suspected.

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